Great Presenter Interviews – Richard Sant

Over the next couple of months we will be running a series every week on ‘Great Presenters’. What makes a great presenter? How can you become a great presenter? These questions and more will be answered every week by a new person. The series will offer a broad perspective on presentations from people who either do presentations for a living, have been trained in doing presentations or do presentations regularly at work.

This week’s blog post features Richard Sant. Richard runs the Centre of Enterprise for Portsmouth University which runs incredibly creative and successful courses in enterprise, entrepreneurialism and business. Do entrepreneurs need presentation skills?

Richard Sant – On Great Presenters

  • Name: Richard Sant
  • Position: Director
  • Company: Centre for Enterprise,                                               University of Portsmouth
  • Twitter: @pce_enterprise
  • Tel: +44 (0) 239 284 3534
  • Web:

Where you born a great speaker or did you learn?

I’m not sure I am….but…definitely learned it.

When did you first start to learn about presenting? What prompted you to start learning?

As a software trainer

What do you use your presenting and speaking skills for?

Only for work at the university.

What are the benefits of learning to speak?  What have you got out of being better at speaking?

Learning to fake it as an extrovert!

Have you always enjoyed presenting?

I don’t enjoy presenting.

How did you overcome your nerves if you ever had any?

By wishing warm kindness to everyone in the room silently before I start.

We would love to hear what your experience with presenting is. What do you think makes a great presenter? Leave a comment below, or if you want to be featured as part of the series, send an e-mail to To be notified when our next interviewee  is featured, choose the option in the comment box below.

If you want to know more about Enjoy Presenting and the courses we run, feel free to contact us on the email address mentioned above, or check out our webpage for more information by clicking the following link:

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